This is a blog about our holiday to Europe in 2014. We started off our travels in Venice, where we began a cruise of the Adriatic and Aegean seas, ending in Rome. We then travelled from Rome to the Netherlands by rail, stopping in various places along the way. We are: Me - Gill, my husband - Grant, my daughter - Paula; my father - Neil and his partner - Astrid. We are South Africans, from the lovely province of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Our friends Lisa and Trevor joined us from the UK for the cruise portion of our holiday.

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Saturday, June 14, 2014


14 June 2014:

This morning after Paula and Lisa took a quick gondola ride (Trev had a migraine) and we'd packed up our bits and pieces, we caught a water taxi directly from our hotel to the cruise port.  (Much to Paula's disgust, her sun-hat was blown off her head along the way!)  

The process of checking-in was simple and it wasn't long before we were welcomed on-board the Celebrity Equinox with champagne and mimosas.

We took some time to wander around and explore the ship, before making our way to the buffet at Oceanview Cafe for lunch.  There was a wonderful spread and I can see my clothes getting pretty snug by the end of this cruise! 

Getting to know the Persian Garden

Pool deck



After lunch we went to our staterooms to unpack and get settled in, before heading off for the compulsory fire-drill.  

Even though it was drizzly and miserable, we headed up on deck to watch sail-away.  Lisa, Paula and I took shelter under the perspex? railing while we waited and in the process ended up with wet bottoms.  

As we were emerging to see the actual sail-away, looking like drowned rats, with our rain-jacket hoods totally nerdifying our appearances, a terrifyingly friendly man with a video camera chose that moment to come along and record us.  Oh the humiliation!  But it was worth it.  Even in the drizzle and grey, sail-away from Venice is something to behold.

And then it was time for a quick change before dinner in the main dining room, which was lovely.  

I do love cruising!

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